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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations.


Amazing technology, hot temper, strong eyes, philosophical remarks, always-up collars, always making news and constantly bringing surprises. For fans who have witnessed the beginning of the Premier League, Eric- Cantona is a phenomenon.


In that era when there were few foreign players in the Premier League, Cantona assisted Ferguson in an incredible way to start the era of the Red Empire, and became the king of the Dream Theater with a strong and domineering style. His identity as an outsider interprets the essence of English football culture. , There is no one before, and I am afraid that there is no one to come after.

在英超联赛中很少有外国球员的那个时代,坎通纳以令人难以置信的方式协助弗格森开始了红色帝国时代,并以坚强而霸气的风格成为了梦剧院的国王。他作为局外人的身份诠释了英国足球文化的精髓。 ,之前没有人,而且恐怕也没有人要来。

On December 21, 1996, in the 18th round of the Premier League, Manchester United played against Sunderland at home. This was originally just an ordinary Premier League game, but because of the outstanding performance of the god Cantona, it has been etched in people's memory for a long time.


At that time, the Red Devils were striding forward towards the goal of defending the league title. Sunderland, who was fighting for relegation, was not their opponent at all. Solskjaer and Cantona both scored twice, and Nicky Bart scored a goal. The most exciting moment of the game appeared in the 80th minute.

当时,红魔队正在朝着捍卫联赛冠军的目标迈进。争取降级的桑德兰根本不是他们的对手。 Solskjaer和Cantona均得分两次,Nicky Bart进球。游戏中最激动人心的时刻出现在第80分钟。

From the controversial player who was drawn into the whirlpool of public opinion due to the flying kick incident, to the absolute leader who showed the kingly spirit after taking over the captain's armband, Cantona polished the Manchester United King's signboard with domineering and exposed manners, leaving an unremarkable Replicated classics.


1966 was an extremely important node in the chronicle of English football. When the fans of the British Isles fell into madness after winning the Three Lions World Cup, the fire of the Red Empire also quietly spread on the south coast of France.


When he was a child, Cantona lived with his family in a cave-reconstructed house in the Saint-Bohm Heights in Marseille. His father, who had experienced amateur football, took him to play on mountain paths and glades. This is extraordinary. His growth experience has created Cantona's strong physique and perseverance.

小时候,坎通纳(Cantona)和家人一起住在马赛圣波姆高地(Saint-Bohm Heights)的一栋洞穴改造房屋中。他的父亲曾经历过业余足球比赛,带他在山间小道和林间空地上比赛。这是非同寻常的。他的成长经历造就了Cantona坚强的体魄和毅力。

In 1981, the 15-year-old Cantona joined the Auxerre echelon and helped the team win the Gambardella Cup (French Youth Cup) the following year. After being promoted to the first team of Auxerre, Cantona studied under the famous coach Guy Roux.

1981年,年仅15岁的Cantona加入了Auxerre梯队,并于次年帮助球队赢得了Gambardella杯(法国青年杯)。在晋升为欧塞尔一线队后,坎通纳在著名教练盖·鲁(Guy Roux)的指导下学习。

In nearly half a century of coaching experience, Guy-Rou has cultivated many stars, and Cantona is his proud work. Guy Roux often arranges for young players to participate in low-level leagues, focusing on training their on-the-spot, physical confrontation and ability to adapt to multiple positions. Cantona served as an apprentice in the French second team Martigues, and during this period formed the wild style of play that will be loved by the world in the future.

在近半个世纪的教练经验中,Guy-Rou培养了许多明星,而Cantona是他的骄傲。盖·鲁(Guy Roux)经常安排年轻球员参加低级别联赛,重点是训练他们的就地,身体对抗和适应多种位置的能力。坎通纳曾在法国二队马蒂格(Martigues)担任学徒,在此期间形成了野蛮的比赛风格,将在未来受到全世界的喜爱。

From the beginning of the 1986/87 season, Cantona gradually gained a foothold in the first team of Auxerre. He was named the French youth player of the year by "French Football" magazine this season, and won the first place in his career. An important honor.


The increasingly famous Cantona began to reveal another side of his character. He was punished by the club for beating his teammate Bruno Maldini. This incident became the starting point for a series of extraordinary trips that followed.


In the summer window of 1988, Cantona moved to Marseille and was loaned to Bordeaux and Montpellier for the next two seasons. Although he helped the team win the French Cup while playing for Montpellier, Cantona once again made headlines in the media due to a fight. This incident caused Montpellier to abandon its lease renewal plan after the end of the season.


After returning to Marseille, Cantona was unlucky. He missed nearly half of the games in the 1989/90 season due to a knee injury, and his performance after his injury was tepid. At that time, the Marseilles were crowded with stars and would not tolerate the existence of "problem players." Cantona was forced to leave his hometown team in the summer of 1991 and joined the little-known Nimes.

回到马赛后,坎通纳不幸。由于膝伤,他在1989/90赛季缺席了近半场比赛,伤后的表现不温不火。那时,马赛人满为星,不容忍“问题球员”的存在。 1991年夏天,坎通纳被迫离开家乡,加入了鲜为人知的尼姆。

In a Ligue 1 league match in December 1991, Cantona slammed the ball at the referee because of his disobedience, and drove away before the referee took out a red card.


Afterwards, Cantona was banned by the French Football Association for one month. The grumpy Maasai did not realize the seriousness of the problem. He ran into a football official at the subsequent regular meeting of the Football Association. The suspension was extended to two months. Being given up by the Marseille team had made Cantona furious, and his experience in Nimes made him very angry. The 24-year-old Cantona expressed the idea of ​​retiring in an interview with the media.

此后,坎通纳被法国足球协会禁赛一个月。脾气暴躁的马赛人没有意识到问题的严重性。在随后的足球协会例会上,他遇到了一名足球官员。暂停期延长到两个月。马赛车队的放弃让坎通纳感到愤怒,他在尼姆的经历使他非常生气。 24岁的Cantona在接受媒体采访时表达了退休的想法。

Although he has left some inferior marks during his time in Ligue 1, Cantona's skills have won the recognition of the industry and he is called "Platini of the 90s" by the media. When the news that Cantona was about to retire spread, Platini personally came forward to persuade the junior and contacted many English clubs, hoping that they could give Cantona a chance to stay.

尽管他在Ligue 1时期留下了一些次等的印象,但Cantona的技能赢得了业界的认可,他被媒体称为“ 90年代的普拉蒂尼”。当Cantona即将退休的消息传开后,Platini亲自出面劝说这名少年,并与许多英国俱乐部联系,希望他们能给Cantona一个留下的机会。

After being rejected by Sheffield on Wednesday and Liverpool, Cantona joined Leeds United and embarked on a legendary journey to England.


On February 8, 1992, Cantona made his Premier League debut in Leeds United against Oldham Athletic. In the next 14 league games, Cantona scored 3 goals to help the White Rose win the last championship of the old League.


On August 8, 1992, Leeds United defeated Liverpool 4-3 in the pre-season Shield Cup. Cantona performed a hat-trick in the game. Subsequently, the Premier League era came, Cantona completed the first hat trick of the new era in the fourth round against Tottenham.

1992年8月8日,利兹联在季前盾杯中以4-3击败利物浦。 Cantona在游戏中进行了帽子戏法。随后,英超联赛时代来临,坎通纳在对阵热刺的第四轮比赛中完成了新时代的第一个帽子戏法。

In the 1992/93 season, Cantona represented Leeds United in 13 Premier League appearances, scoring 6 goals, 5 appearances in the Champions League, scoring 2 goals. Because of the position and style of play, Cantona and then Leeds coach Howard Wilkinson had a secret suspicion, which paved the way for Manchester United's subsequent digging.

在1992/93赛季,坎通纳代表利兹联(Leeds United)出场13次英超联赛,进球6球,在欧冠联赛中出场5球,进球2球。由于比赛的位置和风格,坎通纳和利兹队的教练霍华德·威尔金森都有一个秘密的怀疑,这为曼联随后的挖掘铺平了道路。

At the beginning of the 1992/93 season, Dion Dabrin, who had just joined Manchester United, suffered a serious injury and broke his leg. Ferguson urgently contacted Alan Shearer and failed, and Manchester United fell into a striker crisis. In the process of buying Dennis Irving from Leeds United, Ferguson learned that Cantona was not a non-sale item and then he was knocked down and took it, making him a classic in the early days of the Red Empire.

在1992/93赛季初,刚加入曼联的戴恩·达布林(Dion Dabrin)身受重伤,摔断了腿。弗格森紧急联系艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer),但失败了,曼联陷入了前锋危机。在从利兹联队购买丹尼斯·欧文的过程中,弗格森得知Cantona并非非卖品,然后被击倒并接受,这使他成为红色帝国初期的经典之作。

The Premier League during its inception did not have the influence and appeal it is today. Players from the British Isles dominate, and most of the scattered foreign aid comes from Norway, Sweden and Denmark in Northern Europe. During that period, excellent French players mainly flowed to the giants of their own leagues, and most of the prospective gold prospectors chose Italy, Germany and Spain, neighboring countries on the three continents. Ferguson and his Manchester United are lucky to get the "legacy" Cantona living in England.


His grandfather was a member of the Catalan guerrillas, and his father was a famous local painter in Marseille. Cantona obviously inherited the family's genes. The passion and toughness of the fighters and the artist's chic and freehand style were born in him. Wonderful chemical reaction. Cantona surrendered 22 games of 9 goals in his first season at Manchester United, won the assists champion with 16 assists (including Leeds United), and helped the new club win the first year of the Premier League championship. He became the first player in the history of the English League to follow different teams to win the championship for two consecutive years.


In the 1993/94 season, Cantona replaced Brian Robson as the new owner of the Red Devils No. 7 jersey, opening the heroic epic belonging to this legendary number. In this invincible season for the Red Devils, Cantona made 40 appearances in various competitions, scoring 22 goals, helping Manchester United win the Premier League and the FA Cup, becoming the first foreign aid to be elected England PFA Player of Football, and in 1993 The annual Golden Globe Awards won the third place.

在1993/94赛季,坎通纳取代了布莱恩·罗布森(Brian Robson),成为红魔7号球衣的新所有人,揭开了这个传奇编号的英雄史诗。在这个红魔无敌的赛季中,坎通纳在各种比赛中出场40次,打进22球,帮助曼联赢得英超联赛和足总杯,成为第一个当选英格兰PFA足球运动员的外援,并在1993年年度金球奖获得第三名。

The arrival of Cantona changed the pattern of the Premier League and brought endless happiness to the Red Devils fans. Public opinion's attention to him has spread from the green field to all aspects of life. The Red Devil King has given countless "spiritual food" to his fans with his pioneering behavior, and the legend about him has once become a little outrageous. There was once such a story: Someone saw "a tramp with a beard sketching against a sunflower" in the countryside not far from Manchester, and he kindly gave the tramp two pieces of bread and a glass of water. The homeless man immediately expressed his gratitude and gave the kind-hearted man a scarf with the Red Devils logo. A few months later, when watching TV, the kind-hearted man was surprised to find that the "wanderer" had shaved his beard and put on a red shirt, defeating the then inextricable Blackburn on his own.


However, the double-kill rival Blackburn's record did not help Manchester United complete three consecutive championships in the 1994/95 season. On January 25, 1995, Manchester United visited Selhurst Park. Cantona was expelled in the 49th minute for revenge against Crystal Palace defender Richard Shaw.

但是,双重杀手布莱克本的战绩并没有帮助曼联在1994/95赛季连续获得三个冠军。 1995年1月25日,曼联访问了塞尔赫斯特公园。 Cantona在第49分钟被开除,以报仇水晶宫后卫Richard Shaw。

Just as Cantona was walking towards the locker room, a Crystal Palace fan named Matthew Simmons came to the sidelines to insult Cantona wildly. The angered Manchester United No. 7 immediately jumped into the air and kicked him. After the game, Cantona was banned internally by Manchester United for four months, and the FA subsequently extended Cantona's suspension to 8 months. The British Criminal Court sentenced Cantona to two weeks' imprisonment and a fine of 20,000 pounds, but Cantona passed an appeal to reduce the imprisonment to 120 hours of public work.

正当坎通纳正朝更衣室走去时,一位名叫马修·西蒙斯(Matthew Simmons)的水晶宫迷走到场外,疯狂地侮辱了坎通纳。愤怒的第7号曼联立即跳到空中,将他踢倒。比赛结束后,曼彻斯特联队内部将坎通纳禁赛四个月,而足总随后将坎通纳的禁赛期延长至八个月。英国刑事法院判处Cantona监禁2周和罚款20,000英镑,但Cantona通过上诉将监禁减少至120小时公共工作。

A few years later, when Lee Sharp recalled Cantona kicking Crystal Palace fans back then, he revealed to the media the situation in the Manchester United locker room after the game.

几年后,当李·夏普(Lee Sharp)回忆起当时坎通纳(Cantona)踢水晶宫球迷时,赛后他向媒体透露了曼联更衣室的情况。

He said that Ferguson used "hair dryers" for many players. Pallister, Bruce and others were even scolded too much. Only the perpetrator, Cantona, was not reprimanded. Ferguson just told him, You can't do that."


Giggs also confirmed this in subsequent interviews: "There are only three or four players who have never tried (Ferguson hair dryer). They are Cantona, Brian Robson, Roy Keane and Ronaldo. They have their own way of winning on the court, so Ferguson never felt the need to turn on a hair dryer."


Cantona’s suspension caused a significant blow to Manchester United’s strength and morale. They were finally defeated in the fight with Blackburn. The final game of the league with West Ham became the most regrettable game in Ferguson’s coaching career. one.


On October 1, 1995, Manchester United played against Liverpool at home. Cantona, who came back from the ban, announced the return of the Kings with 1 goal and 1 assist. The fledgling Class of 92 has since gained the backbone. They used a wave of winning streaks to reverse their lack of championship experience. Newcastle.


At the end of the season, in the FA Cup final against Liverpool, Cantona completed a difficult retreat volley in the 85th minute, achieving a classic moment in the history of the FA Cup.


In the 1995/96 season, Manchester United won the double crown. Cantona played 35 times in the league and the FA Cup, scoring 18 goals, and won the FWA Footballer of the season. In the summer of 1996, Steve Bruce left the team and Cantona was formally appointed as Manchester United captain.

在1995/96赛季,曼联获得了双冠王。坎通纳在联盟和足总杯中出战35次,打进18球,并赢得了本赛季的FWA足球先生。 1996年夏天,史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Bruce)离开了车队,坎通纳(Cantona)被正式任命为曼联队长。

Manchester United in the Cantona era was invincible in the civil war, but they were unable to make a breakthrough in the Champions League. In the Champions League round of 16 in the 1993/94 season, Manchester United returned home without success in Galatasaray's hell. Cantona was sent off with a red card for accusing the referee of favoring the home team. After receiving the red card, the face of France was grim. At one point, he refused to leave, which caused him to receive a four-game suspension from UEFA.


In the second group stage of the 1994/95 UEFA Champions League, Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​Gothenburg, Galatasaray were divided into a group, and ultimately failed to break through.


In the 1996/97 season, Manchester United was double-killed by Dortmund in the Champions League semi-finals. Ferguson reluctantly said in an interview after the game: "I haven't found a way to play the Champions League." Cantona refused any after the team was out. During the interview, he said nothing when he left the scene, which seemed to indicate something.


On May 18, 1997, Cantona, who was under 31 years old, suddenly announced his retirement. Everyone, including Ferguson, was shocked by the news. The French did not publicly explain this. However, as early as when he just led Manchester United to win the first domestic double crown, Cantona has left behind: "I play not to defeat a specific team, but to overcome the idea of ​​defeat. Fight."


When he first debuted, Cantona was once known as the "Platini of the 90s", but for various reasons, Cantona failed to achieve any record in international competitions. In the crevice between the two superstars of Platini and Zidane, Cantona not only failed to gain a sense of existence, but also lost his reputation.

坎通纳(Cantona)首次亮相时,曾被誉为“ 90年代普拉蒂尼(Platini of 90s)”,但由于种种原因,坎通纳未能在国际比赛中取得任何记录。在普拉蒂尼(Platini)和齐达内(Zidane)两位巨星之间的缝隙中,坎通纳(Cantona)不仅没有获得生存感,而且失去了声誉。

On August 12, 1987, Cantona made his national team debut in a friendly against the Federal Republic of Germany and scored his national team's first goal in the 49th minute of the game. In the next eight years, the French team unexpectedly fell to the lowest point in history. They experienced two World Cup qualifying losses, one fell in the European Cup qualifiers, and finally participated in the World Series (1992 European Cup). It ended with a dismal result at the bottom of the group.


In 1993, Cantona led the French preliminaries as the captain. After the first 8 rounds of the group stage, the Gaul Legion topped the list with 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. The last two rounds only needed 1 point to advance to 1994. The United States World Cup finals.


In the penultimate round, France accidentally lost 2-3 to Israel, which caused them to slam their direct rival Bulgaria in the final round. In this suffocating key battle, Cantona broke the deadlock in the 32nd minute, and Bulgaria equalized by Kostadinov after 5 minutes.


In the next hour of fierce battle, Cantona missed a few opportunities to kill the suspense of qualifying in advance, and eventually led to bitter results. Later, Ginola, who followed Cantona to the Premier League, made a mistake at the buzzer, and Bulgaria quickly countered after stealing the ball. Kostadinov completed the lore in the countdown stage.


Throughout the qualifiers, Cantona scored 6 goals in 8 appearances. It can be said that he is one of the best players in the Gaul Roosters. Unfortunately, this defeat not only obliterated all his efforts, but also caused him to bear the sinner. Infamy. In February 1994, Jacques replaced Hollier as the coach of the French team. This technocratic coach was surprisingly courageous when making decisions. Cantona and Ginola fell out of favor one after another. The French team entered the Zidane era. .

在整个预选赛中,坎通纳在8场比赛中攻入6球。可以说他是高卢公鸡最佳球员之一。不幸的是,这次失败不仅抹去了他所有的努力,而且使他背负了罪人。骂名。 1994年2月,雅克接替霍利尔成为法国队的教练。这位技术专家的教练在做出决定时亚博yabovip88非常勇敢。 Cantona和Ginola彼此失宠。法国队进入齐达内时代。 。

Cantona is physically strong, not afraid of confrontation, has amazing ball handling and organization skills, and can make up for the lack of speed by handling the ball quickly. Cantona's left and right foot skills are balanced, and his header skills are also above the standard. He always cruises between the striker and midfield on the court and enjoys a high degree of tactical freedom.

Cantona身体强壮,不怕对抗,具有出色的控球和组织能力,并且可以通过快速处理球来弥补速度上的不足。 Cantona的左脚和右脚技能平衡,并且他的头球技能也高于标准。他总是在前锋和中场之间巡回比赛,并享有高度的战术自由。

Before the ice prince Bergkamp landed in the Premier League, Cantona was the undisputed number one "artist" in the Premier League. His picking passes, spikes, rubbing shots, volleys and getting rid of in place were the label of a tough guy. The bottom is more delicate. At that time, the overall technical level of the Premier League was not too high, and Cantona played a role in technical poverty alleviation.


As early as during the suspension period, Cantona starred in the film "Happiness is in the Ranch" directed by French director Etienne-Chatillon, completing his screen debut. Although only a cameo, Cantona discovered his love for movies and dramas in the process. After retiring, Cantona has brought the artistic talents of his family genetics to the extreme. Over the years, he has starred in "Elizabeth", "Children of Clear Water Bay", "Fatty Police Officer", "Black Butterfly" and "Midnight Carnival". A well-known film, the short film "Bring Your Love to Me" directed by him even entered the competition unit of the Cannes International Film Festival.


In 2009, Cantona's film career reached its peak. He played himself in "Looking for Eric", which was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. At the end of 2014, Cantona was a guest at the Elysée Palace and accompanied the French President Hollande to watch the documentary "Football and Immigration: A Hundred Years of Common History" directed by him, and the public responded enthusiastically.

2009年,坎通纳的电影事业达到了顶峰。他在《寻找埃里克》中饰演自己,该片在2009年戛纳电影节上获得金棕榈奖提名。 2014年底,坎通纳应邀在爱丽舍宫作客,并陪同法国总统奥朗德观看了由他执导的纪录片《足球与移民:百年共同历史》,公众对此反应热烈。

Cantona, who has been transformed into a social activist, has not stayed away from football. He often appears in the stands at Old Trafford and actively participates in some activities organized by UEFA, the English Football Association and Manchester United. In the process of accepting various media interviews, Cantona never concealed his true inner thoughts. His comments on many teams and players were regarded as classics.


As a highly recognizable character player, Cantona is the undisputed number one star in the early days of the Premier League. Those pleasing goals and assists, and those "bloody" moves that everyone talks about made Cantona's football career look full and full. As a mainstay in the early stage of the Red Empire era, Cantona profoundly influenced England’s football culture with his visually striking performance on the court, laying a solid foundation for the influx of foreign aid and teachers and the prosperity of the Premier League in the new century. .

作为知名度很高的角色扮演者,坎通纳是英超联赛初期无可争议的头号明星。那些令人愉悦的目标和助攻,以及每个人都谈论的那些“血腥”举动,使坎通纳的足球生涯显得越来越充实。作为红色帝国时代初期的中流tay柱,坎通纳在球场上的视觉震撼表现深深地影响了英格兰的足球文化,为外援和教师的涌入以及英超在新世纪的繁荣奠亚博yabovip88定了坚实的基础。世纪。 。

1983-88: Auxerre


1988-89: Marseille


1988-89: Bordeaux


1989-90: Montpellier


1990-91: Marseille


1991-92: Nimes


1991-93: Leeds United


1992-97: Manchester United


Club: 368 games and 131 goals


National team: 45 games with 20 goals


French Youth Player of the Year: 1987


Footballer of England PFA: 1994


Footballer of England FWA: 1996


England Football Hall of Fame: 2002


UEFA President’s Special Award: 2019


Ligue 1 champions: 1989, 1991


French Cup winner: 1990


England's top league championship: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997


England FA Cup champion: 1994, 1996

England fa cup champion: 1994, 1996

European U-21 Football Championship Championship: 1988


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