DeLand High School BandA Note From The Director

Dear Friends of the DeLand Band,

We are proud and honored to share the rich and colorful history that is the DeLand High School Band Program. John J. Heney, a percussionist in the John Phillip Sousa Band, founded the band in 1935. Since the band’s inception, literally thousands of students have been able to call themselves Marching Bulldogs. The DeLand High School Band is also proud to have produced a number of professional musicians as well as elementary, middle, and high school music educators. Each year promises to be another great year, and we delight in all of the new student musicians who chose to be a part of it.

At DeLand High School, we strongly believe that music has the ability to enrich every person’s life in unique and powerful ways. Thus, our primary goal is to foster the development of a life-long relationship with music in every student. Whether our students go on to be symphony musicians, doctors who play in a community band or orchestra one night a week, or simply consumers of quality music, our goal is for them to have a love and appreciation of music and music-making.

Beyond the purely musical goals of the program, we also aim to develop students’ interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Teamwork is a requirement for both the concert bands and the marching band. There are no “second-string” players in a band. Instead, each and every individual in the ensemble plays a vital role in the quality of the whole. Further, there are no right or wrong answers in music. Each musical performance is unique. These two characteristics separate music from other subjects and are what make it is such an irreplaceable aspect of a student’s education.

We are very much in the business of developing a life-long relationship with music in every student. Along the way we provide and encourage positive experiences, interactions, and personal growth through the medium of music. Needless to say, the students have a fantastic time in so many ways along this journey!

Daniel Cook
Director of Bands, DeLand High School